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Does Your Business Face Cyber Liability Risks?

July 12, 2014 in General

Many people believe that large companies face the greatest cyber liability risks—a belief that grew stronger after the recent Target data breach. But, in fact, it’s startups and small businesses that are the most vulnerable. Why? Thousands of these businesses possess sensitive customer information, such as credit card numbers, medical records and/or Social Security numbers. And, because smaller businesses typically have fewer resources, they tend to have fewer security measures in place to protect customers’ personal information.

Managing and mitigating risks for renewable technologies: Part II – Renewable Energy Focus

May 3, 2014 in General

Managing and mitigating risks for renewable technologies: Part II – Renewable Energy Focus Emphasis on monitoring; even with certain controls in place, its still important to have some sort of monitoring continuously implemented, it’ll help defray emergencies and keep the project going. Maybe even hire some part time security staff to walk around the property at all times of the day and night to ensure that no one tries to steal the wires or copper or other small but important parts.

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Five Steps for Managing Construction Risks

September 8, 2013 in General

Cconstruction siteredit to Construction Business Owner for some great advice in a recent article. The authors explain (in five simple points, devoid of legalese), what contractors can and should do to manage construction risks. Rarely have I seen such a helpful guide for non-lawyers that can be read in under 30 seconds. The brief take-away:

#1 Develop reasonable contracts – contracts should work to manage and transfer risk. Negotiate, rather than simply accept, risk allocation principles. Yes, you want the job, but you don’t want more risk than you can afford.

Hospitality Industry Property Risks: Washington Restaurant Destroyed By Fire Caused By Cleaning Towels Left In Dryer “Spontaneously Combusting”

August 11, 2013 in General

Restaurant Cleaning Towel Combustion Fires“…It was the second restaurant fire in Olympia in two years caused by towels in the dryer, and the fifth in five years to other businesses including hair salons…the cleaning towels that were left inside the dryer smolder for hours and then spontaneously combust.  The greases and oils used in the cleaning process apparently don’t all get washed out…”

Investigators have determined a fire that destroyed the Oyster House restaurant in Olympia started in the dryer, when cleaning towels spontaneously combusted. Now, they’re sending out a warning to all restaurants, hair salons, and even bowling alleys where towels are used to clean things and then washed and tossed in the dryer.

Insurance: Cover your risks!

July 8, 2013 in General

Even before you start investing your savings for your future, one thing you need to do is buy a risk
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Hospitality Industry Property Risks: Florida Motel Sprinkler System Malfunctions With Water Flooding Rooms, Hallways And Lobby

June 15, 2013 in General

“…a water restoration company said it brought an infrared camera that detects moisture and found water damage in several rooms, the lobby and Hotel Water Damagehallways on the first and second floors…Officials said the hotel had to cut off power because all the water became an electrical hazard…”

A sprinkler system malfunctioned at the Crestwood Suites Extended Stay motel on University Boulevard in East Orange County, Orange County Fire Rescue said.
The incident happened at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

“It was like a flood coming down. You looked into the lobby from the doors and it was like rain pouring through the ceiling,” said motel guest Andrea Paul.

Hospitality Industry Property Risks: California Hotel Exterior Facade Collapses Damaging Electrical System And Sprinklers, Flooding Three Floors

May 12, 2013 in General

Hotel Property Damage“…the façade tore down sprinkler lines, sending water rushing into some of the rooms. Three floors flooded, damaging the electrical system. Officials say city engineers will be evaluating the building’s structural integrity…”

Work crews will be busy Friday cleaning up the damage left behind after part of a local hotel building collapses. Some guests at the Hampton Inn on Greenwood Street were evacuated overnight, after the hotel’s facade suddenly collapsed.

Pieces littered the ground with debris, making a mess on the north side of the building. People staying at the hotel said they heard a loud noise, grabbed their stuff and got out.

“I risk things only when it comes to matters of the heart” Sukirti Kandpal who is now seen in her latest show Kaisa Yeh Risk Hai… Ajab sa Risk Hai talks about the risks she likes to take in real life.

April 29, 2013 in General

251207-v58hwh6gSukirti Kandpal who is currently seen as Simran in Kaisa Yeh Risk Hai… Ajab sa Risk Hai says that she is hardly a risk taker and plays it easy!
My risk quotient – I don’t risk too much in any case. I am very straight forward and stubborn. A lot of things don’t affect me so my risk quotient is very less.
Risks in career related matters – I never risk my body for a shot which I think I cannot do because you do not know when you may hurt or injure yourself and come back one piece or not! If it is a concept that is not to my liking and I don’t believe in it I don’t spend my time on it. So, I am always Sukirti who can lend my face and acting skills to the character I am playing so I don’t think I risk anything at all.
Risking a false image – I never risk my image because I believe in the show I am doing and I believe I am a good actor with a pleasant personality and it is going to work all the time. Also risking a false image is not risking anything at all because people like what you are doing and I don’t risk that at any point of time. I am the same hard working actor who looks good and is on time so I am not risking my job.
Risks in the matters of heart – I risk things only when it comes to the matters of the heart. I have taken a lot of risks that way and fortunately met very good people and eventually everything turned out fine.
The time when I had to say ‘Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai… Ajab sa Risk Hai’ – I felt that way when I took a risk with the person I have been dating for a long, long time which is Rishabh Jain and we are still together. It happened when I was very confused and I was not at my best then. I really respect him for that and I was like what I am doing and at the still knew what I was doing. That was the biggest risk and that time it was worth it and after that I came back to normal.

Hospitality Industry Property Risks: Michigan Restaurant A “Total Loss” After Fire In “Deep Fryer” Spreads Quickly Into Ceiling And Roof

March 22, 2013 in General

“…the restaurant is a total loss and smoke enveloped the entire intersection where the Restaurant Firerestaurant is located….the fire had spread quickly to the wooden trusses that supported the roof, up above a suspended ceiling…causing the roof to collapse…”

Fire investigators have determined that a fire that destroyed the Ram’s Horn on Tuesday originated in a deep fryer in the restaurant’s kitchen. The fire spread quickly during the lunch hour. Staff and patrons were evacuated and fire crews responded at about 12:12 p.m.

Hard to Place Insurance Risks – Los Angeles, CA Insurance Agency

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