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Adult hood is kicking my ass

June 29, 2014 in General

I’m the type of person that puts things off until the last possible minute. This includes doing things that normal human beings do after a certain age in life. I’ve mentioned that I have yet to get my drivers license due to my severe fear of driving. I have yet to find my first job due to my laziness and lack of willingness to do something for myself in order to grow up. There are many things I have yet to do and it never bothered me until today.

8 Realistic Clues You Might Be An Adult.

May 23, 2014 in General


I am a sucker for articles with lists. When I was younger I would eagerly turn to the “5 signs he is into you” article in Cosmo.  After I was engaged I clicked every “10 ways to have a happy marriage” and “6 tricks to look fabulous”… I would be lying if I said I hadn’t peeked at the “10 signs you are an extrovert”, “20 ways to live a zen life” and countless other blogs promising to help me understand myself my kids and the universe in a simple amount of steps. (Above picture is from one of my favorite blogs about Becoming an adult)

How Does Being an Adult Work?

August 8, 2013 in General

CrossFit is constantly humbling, especially now that I’m trying to get back into shape after the broken leg “hiatus.” But no matter how slow or winded I am, my fellow gym-goers are still there to cheer me on. They don’t judge me for having a bad day or being the last to finish. It hurts my pride, sure, but I never feel like people think I’m a loser or weak or lame.

eviction notice? adult physical abuse. legal advice.?

November 3, 2012 in Insurance jobs and educations

okay so, my friend who is currently 18 years old, lives in honolulu, hawaii, got a signed paper from his parents with both his parents signatures on it. giving little over, or exactly two weeks to move out or court actions will be ‘initiated’ against him. So, his parents own three apartments, and have dozens of thousands on this checkbook, and are trying to throw him out one month after his birthday. Everything seem legal so far? lets keep going, Now he and his parents are from ukraine, and are citizens of united states of america. His dad, fully believes that the best discipline and method of getting abuse, is brutal beatings. ever since the boy can remember, he has been getting brutal beatings, some more reasonable then others, others are not reasonable at all. One time his dad beat up and pressed his thumb on the boy’s skull to make his brain hurt because the depressed child had this look that the father didn’t like, the look was caused by deep depression and was the only look the kid had for over two years, brutal inhumane beating for having a psychical appearance. this specific accident happened on us soil, where the now young man is being evicted of now. all of his teenage his parents would yell, beat, turn off electricity, turn off internet. Make up excuses like, trying to beat the gaming addiction out of him. The guy’s mother never had a job, had a collage degree. but has been thoughly brainwashed by his father. dozens of years of his yelling and opinions rubbed off on her, and she has tried to beat the boy up on us soil also, she used a scuba diving flipper. didn’t leave scars, but the same flipper was used by his father to cause the skin on the guy’s back to break and bleed, leaving scars for a year. The boy loves his parents, and always debated and compromised with them, but they never budged.

health insurance and dental insurance combined for a young adult?

September 24, 2012 in Personal Insurances

I’m looking for dental and health insurance with just ONE plan. I’m about to be 21. i live with my parents im not pregnant. For the dental ill be needing 2 root canals and prob fillings and checkups when necessary. for the health insurance, i will need it to cover discounted prescription drugs. doctor visits, and emergency hospital visits. i live in pa.

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What is life like as an adult financially?

September 8, 2012 in Insurance jobs and educations

When you are through with college and you have a job, a car, and a home, what things do you have to pay for? Insurance, mortgage, bills, tax, etc. What is life like as an adult?

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Medical Insurance 101: As a young adult – is it necessary?

July 31, 2012 in General

The P-YA Conversation

We are almost empty-nesters. Almost. The youngest has moved to the West Coast and the second may well be moving to the Upper Midwest or North West soon. Not to promote any political persuasion, but it has been nice keeping both boys on our insurance until the age of 26.

But, at some point, the birds leave the nest and they need to be prepared for the world. In prepping for the world, I have asked each of them about what they plan to do when they are sick in their respective new areas. I received the following reply, “I guess I will go to the ER.”

Can anyone refer me to an insurance agent who can insure an adult foster care home in indiana?

May 22, 2012 in Insurance Agent

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ADHD/ADD QUESTION: I am an adult and want to know which medicine is a good one- Adderall, Ritalin, others?

May 5, 2012 in Insurance jobs and educations

I grew up in an era where ADD wasn’t really all that common and believe that I have had this disorder for some time. I have always had a hard time concentrating and getting this done. Even after dropping out of high school I managed to graduated from college with honors. However, when I got to law school I got crushed. I barely made it out of there! At my legal jobs I would have such a hard time getting projects finished. Now, after taking a lot of ‘on line’ ADD assessments, a lot of them say I should see a counselor. Anyway, I was afraid of going to see someone and them putting me on a medicine like Straterra that seems to get a lot of bad reviews. Can anyone recommend a particular medicine that worked for them or someone they know? I have heard great things about Adderall but I wasn’t sure if I have to do some HUGE psych workup with hours and hours of testing, etc. My insurance only covers a certain amount of mental health and I cna’t afford all that. Any REAL answers appreciated!

Should I cancel my additional life insurance since my son is an adult?

March 22, 2012 in Insurance jobs and educations

My job automatically provides me with $50,000 life insurance free of cost. Many years ago, I opted to pay $80/month to increase it to $100,000. My son is 26 years old now. I was thinking I would cancel the additional insurance I pay for ($80/month) and sock it away in a savings for my retirement. I’m 55 yrs. old. Any advice?

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