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The checks said, ‘Mable Goldstein for Purr Goldstein’ It was like signing a check when you don’t draw the money, it was Purr’s own money left to her by her own dead father Adam. He knew Mable was a lush and would drink everything away so the First Federal Bank sent her the interest on her money every month.

Shake, Rattle, & Prepared

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When large earthquakes are not felt for years, it is easy to lose track of the damage that ensues. We read articles and see photos of major earthquakes in Japan, Chile, and China, but there is nothing like the fright of feeling a strong tremor, particularly since there is no warning. In California, many buildings are retrofitted to withstand earthquakes, so generally, buildings do not collapse. But, while retrofitting protects the occupants, it does not mean that the buildings, equipment, and employees pull through unscathed.

Florida’s Flood Agency Stops Writing New Business in Tampa Bay Region!

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The Flood Agency, which offers private flood coverage that are backed by the surplus lines insurer Lloyd’s Private Flood, announced the move some nine months after it began offering the coverage.

The Gainesville-based agency’s decision affects Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Sarasota and Manatee counties. Flood Agency President Evan Hecht told reporters the decision to stop providing new policies in those areas are based on the need to balance Lloyd’s exposure.

“We currently insure more than $250 million of property value,” said Hecht. “Too much of that is in those five counties.”

In Your Corner: Senior fears large tree limb could fall on her

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OKLA. CITY – Molly Kennedy contacted our In Your Corner team about dangerous tree limbs hanging over her home.

Large limbs continue to fall onto her home.

We found damage to her siding and window.

The 84-year-old widow is on a fixed income and tried turning in a damage claim to her insurance, but the cost of repairs doesn’t reach the amount of her deductible.

We knew we had to help her.

The In Your Corner team just made the phone call.

Randy Clifton and his crew from Arbor Masters Tree Service did the hard part.

Hidden Money Inside Non-Profits

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Non-profit organizations are tasked with a very difficult job. How to allocate resources and money to best assist those in need? Since 2008, with a decline in charitable donations and an increase in program specific donations, that job has become even more difficult. Many non-profits have been left scrambling for unrestricted funds to run the day to day operations. For those that help so many, let me offer some solutions.

PA Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority: THE ACT

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Most people view insurance as a type of “security blanket” that can protect them against financial burdens associated with property loss‚ accidents‚ or injuries. Those who commit insurance fraud undermine the positive aspects of insurance by taking advantage of opportunities to lie in an attempt to receive undeserved money from their policies.

How do they do it? Some provide false information on an insurance application form to secure a lower policy premium than had they been honest. Others exaggerate the amount of loss on a claim they submit in order to receive a settlement for more than the fair value. Or they “stage” accidents and attempt to get money for injuries that never occurred.

Loyalty Discount For Over 50 Car Insurance

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The fast-evolving trends of automobiles have the tendency of straining individuals to buy new car models.

The fast-evolving trends of automobiles have the tendency of straining individuals to buy new car models.

The fast-evolving trends of automobiles have the tendency of straining individuals to buy new car models. That is why almost every household nowadays has more than one car used alternately by the family members. Along with the pace, insurance companies also vie for the greatest number of loyal customers in the market.  As a senior, you must have maintained over 50 car insurance coverage under the same company, which entitles you for a loyalty discount. Insurance renewal for old cars is very easy but what if you have a new car? Will you insure it under your current provider or buy a new policy? Like shopping for a long-term project, choosing a good insurance policy or deciding to stay entails wise thinking.

List of insurance companies

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Do you like to know the list of insurance companies

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Hopefully Negligent Employers Will Learn a Lesson

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After an accident takes place at a workplace, we only can hope that employers will take the necessary action to prevent future injuries. However, as we see all too often, employers take a “well, that happened…let’s just hope that it doesn’t happen again” approach.

Too many items, employers fail to learn from their negligence.

A Franklin packaging company faces $58,800 in fines for violating federal workplace rules and putting worker safety at risk, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The federal agency received two complaints this year about Burrows Paper Corp. after two workers were injured on the job in separate incidents.

MedPage’s Primary Pain Points: “Frustration-Free With Direct Pay” — Ritsch, MD

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MedPage Interviews DPC Physician, Jodi Ritsch, MD

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