Renting your house in San Diego How to get your home rent ready Part 2

3:25 pm in Insurance Agent by The Broker So you have decided to rent your property out in San Diego, but as a landlord are you aware of any possible liabilities and insurance changes that might need to be made? Jennifer Newton, with Walters Home Management in San Diego, who specialize in leasing and management of single family homes in San Diego offers some recommendations. First and foremost on the to-do list, Jennifer suggests is changing your homeowner insurance policy to a landlord’s policy. Your insurance agent will be able to advise you on how much liability coverage you should have to cover your rental property. Many typical homeowner policies do not cover a vacant property or one not occupied by the owner so this adjustment to a landlord policy is very important to insure you are adequately covered in the event of a loss at the property. Secondly, Jennifer suggests taking a thorough walk around the property to assess if any risks or potential liabilities exist. An important part of risk management is making sure to maintain a property that is safe for tenants to occupy. Therefore, it is the job of the property owner to look for unsafe or dangerous conditions on the property and either remedy it or issue an appropriate warning. For example, a raised area of concrete due to a tree line can cause someone to trip and fall, injuring themselves. A missing cover on an irrigation drain could cause someone to fall and hurt their ankle or leg. Some simple things that stay on your To Do

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