i’m 30 weeks pregnant and very stressed about this,can someone please give some advice?

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My fiance,his brother,and i live at his mother’s 3 bedroom trailer.

We (my fiance and i) pay her $400 a month for rent. I am 30 weeks pregnant today,and i had to take early maternity leave, because i was having signs of preterm labor. The job didn’t pay much anyway it was part-time (tried to get full-time, but they didn’t have positions for full-time) the most that job ever paid me was $92 but that was still money. My fiance was working as a landscaper/grounds worker,but he got laid off because the person who he replaced came back,but that was a full-time job and he got about $276 a week. I’m going through the welfare office for my medical, because there is no way i can pay the doctor bills and hospital bill in the future. My fiance is now working at the college full-time but it only pays $8 an hour and they take out about $80 in tax’s. We pay his mom $100 a week,our bed is $48 a week (we still have 37 weeks yet to completely pay it off), we pay $20 a month on a credit card my fiance got to help out his mother so she/us wouldn’t be homeless (she was behind on mortgage,fuel which is our heating,and everything). We have everything for the baby,just after he’s born we’ll need to put back money for his diapers,wipes, and stuff he’ll need.

Travis (my fiance brother) is not working, he works on the car and takes everyone to work,and has company over almost everyday,him and my fiance fight constantly over stupid stuff.

Sherry (my going to be mother in law) just switched jobs, she went from making $8.30 an hour geting paid week in town to $11 an hour geting paid bi-weekly and it’s a 45 min drive. She’s working full-time.

In july Travis dad moved in here, he was on disablity and ssi, for some reason they took away his ssi, so he got $535 a month and he paid sherry $400 a month as well. He’s bipolar and has diabetees,he also has an addiction to snuff. His van completely broke down a week or two ago.

Ok here’s where i’m fineally trying to get at, on tuesday of this week they (travis and his dad) were working on the van with the parts that sherry bought that the van needed,Well as soon as they got done putting the parts on,Travis was joking around with his dad and smack him in the butt and i guess it hit him in the private part too, Larry (travis’s dad) got super mad,and grabbed a metal pipe and threatened to beat travis with it. That day sherry kicked him out.

So she kicked him out on tuesday,and later that day we got a phone call from the hospital in harrissburg,pa saying that larry’s van broke down and he was walking and he fell over on the road, so an abulance came and took him to the hospital,it turns out he had nothing to eat that day and he also had an bad infection in his right foot that was turning black. After he got out of the hospital, he went to his wife’s (who he left to be with sherry in july) house (in harrissburg,pa),and tryed talking her into taking him back,and she said no. So, i don’t know how, but he got put into a treatment center here in town (shippensburg,pa),and we got a phone call yesturday from them asking if he can come back here,and we told them no (this was when sherry was at work).

Well, i told sherry they called and what all was said,this morning she calls all of us out and she just now tells us that,she’s behind one month on the mortgage,and she’s behind on the phone bill,and she’s behine on the cable,and we have no fuel tanks (no heating),her car isn’t inspected, she has to pay car insurance this month,and our food stamps got taken away when larry was here, because they said we had to much income.

And now she’s talking about bringing larry back for the money,and my fiance yelled at her and said “i don’t want that crazy person around my kid” and i agree about that. Her response was “he needs his meds, and i need the money”.

I don’t know what to do, because if we (my fiance and i) move out that means well have to pay more that $400 a month and we can barely even pay that $400 a month right now. And if we stay here we have to deal with is mom’s money problems and if she lets larry back in i don’t think he’ll be better even on his meds. I don’t want to put my kid in danger. Also if we don’t get heating my kid can get sick and die and i don’t want that.

Travis claims he’s looking for a job,but he hasn’t worked since i got pregnant and that was in late march early april. Everytime we tell him to look for a job he gets all made and starts flipping out.

My fiance and i, have been waiting to get married since last year and stuff like this keep happening to where we can’t do anything anymore. We can’t save up for a place,we can’t save up for a car, hell i can’t even get enough money for my 2 Ged tests that i need to pass. And i can’t get a good job without that.

I just wish there was something else we could do, if there is, we need to know now.

This is too stressful for me and it isn’t good being pregnant and all.

Please give us som

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