Over a Decade of Accomplishments

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The New Year is a natural time of reflection and as I look back not only over the last year but the last decade I can’t help but feel pride in what our small group has accomplished. These accomplishments are nothing short of astounding given industry challenges and our resource dearth. We could have followed the herd, taken the easy way and developed simple form filling software along with the industry requisite reports and statistics and made wads of cash. However, it was the realization that this approach would not have contributed anything of value. Worse it would reinforce the status quo with all the inherent problems and further contribute to unnecessary suffering. As a group we were adament that we would not be complicit in propagating further tragedy. We turned our backs on immediate rewards and instead opted for a long-term investment strategy.

We shifted our business into what I can only describe as a private think tank directed both to understand traditional safety and its failure points, and importantly, to create new models to embrace risk management as a substitute for traditional activity-based safety. Our mission: to change an entire industry and mindset. Immediately we found ourselves in a pitched battle with various groups who refused to admit there was any problem; maintained that all was well despite fatality rates, and had a vested interest in promoting the status quo. Remember this was over a decade ago and lots of money was being made doing more of the same and hoping for different results. There were many heated debates and to be honest it felt like we were shouting into a hurricane with too few people willing to listen. In additon, pissing off potential customers didn’t help cash flow.

There were many opportunities to just quit and the fact that we didn’t give up is a testament to our passion and unrelenting commitment to make meaningful change. We discovered the degree to how truly creative and innovative we are in our thinking. We became your sterotypical idea guys looking for solutions fed by passion; an unbeatable combination. Even our lack of resources acted in our favour and is a testament that “necessity is the motherhood of invention”. It forced us to look at practical value based solutions that are both simple and inexpensive to implement. While we can’t measure success in dollar figures our accomplishments are substantive and are capable of a game changing impact on a global scale:

  • Risk aware control centric management system which reframes safety management systems utilizing a cognitive behavioural and organisational behavioural approach that:
    • Ensures all workers go home at the end of the day,
    • Protects business from loss, and
    • Enhances business operations.
  • Methodology to cultivate a risk aware culture in which all stakeholders are aligned to program objectives. Key behavioral component is a preoccupation with failure incessantly asking what if something should go wrong. This behaviour allows for a high degree of vigilance in seeking out and mitigating risks creating an ongoing “find and fix” process to reduce the risk profile; the probability of a serious or high consequence event from occurring.
  • Risked based performance metrics that goes beyond simple correlation to demonstrate “cause and effect” through an interdependent relationship mechanism which measures how the safety program is functioning. Metrics are designed to align all stakeholders i.e. based upon minimal safety management performance expectations providing a common objective in which to strive. This mechanism reflects and measures “effective process of safety” in order to drive find and fix behaviors to reduce risk. This provides a simple objective measure of culture which encourages reporting of hazards before they manifest and an impetus to strive for excellence. The metrics are easily consumable for corporate governance and oversight.
  • Primary control which builds upon several under utilized safety program elements and integrates them into one comprehensive process. It is how the process works together i.e. “the sum of the whole” that produces outcomes for both culture development and risk identification and mitigation. The process provides a necessary mechanism by which to re-engage employees rebuilding trust and belief in the safety management system. This process provides high quality documentation that reflects the process and supports culture statements against terms of reference. Process is aligned with regulatory bodies and provides the ability to speak to culture and demonstrate effectiveness of program and why it works.
  • Control and system failure analysis for investigations which simplifies the investigation process and elevates analysis beyond root cause identification to enforce examination of safety systems, management activities and primary control processes.
  • Functional evaluations tools which measures how a program is functioning rather than what activities are being done. These tool examine 4 critical audit-able processes; investigations, corrective actions, primary control processes and training.
  • Safety stress tests to effectively evaluate the safety management systems’ ability to ensure high consequence risks are effectively controlled to lessen the probability of manifestation. Test provides objective measures and scoring along with a pure pass/fail component. Stress test also provides an effective quality assurance protocol against which to measure incident investigations.
  • Software solutions that epitomize an evolutionary shift in thinking. Developed two core tools to provide an economical and easy entry point which encourages optimal risk management through a process of stealthy safety and cyclical improvement. Software is designed to provide practical value first and always and provides a natural graduation into the full fledged risk management application that integrates across the enterprise. This provides the ability to answer questions no “safety” system can, such as what a company’s risk exposure really is, what is being done to manage those risks, and whether the management efforts are really successful. We show the power of modern cloud-computing to deliver unique business tools. We prove the cloud for enterprises, because we were successfully delivering value before “the cloud” even suffered that moniker.
  • Achieved success of products and concepts in partnership with a key client utilizing management systems and software applications with dramatic results in hazard risk management performance. Immediate culture change with a 437% increase in high consequence hazard seeking behaviour by employees. 92% completion of critical corrective actions reducing risk profile. ZERO high consequence hazards impacting workers. Achieved 90% reduction in time loss claims resulting in a WCB premium savings of $215,885.
  • Compilation of a data set through a contractor management project with Alliance Pipeline that can only be described as mind blowing with the number of false positives with current health and safety evaluations. The data set reaffirms the need to think and operate differently.

Looking at this list I am proud and amazed at what we have been able to accomplish. We go into the New Year confident that we now possess the right solutions and the right tools. This coming year will be a transformational year, a year in which we transition from intensive research to a promotion focus encouraging mass adoption of the processes elevating them to an industry standard and accomplishing our mission of changing an entire industry and mind set.

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